How Does TigerLuck Work ?


One winner every 12hours!

Smart contract will auto pick a winner from 188 buys regardless of quantity every 12 Hours. Winner will receive the accumulated red packet lottery, remember the winner is randomly chosen by the smart contract & paid out.

You can enter as many times during this period with the same wallet or multiple wallets choice is yours.

Initially the winner will receive accumulated ETH, however weekly the jackpot payout will depend on the chosen winning ERC20 token as voted by the community.

The winning token will be paid out every 188 buys from there onwards for the week, (auto swapped by the smart contract).


1 000 000 000 Tokens

4% Marketing / Development

3% Red Packet Lottery

3% Liquidity Add

Odds of winning Powerball  1 : 292 000 000

Odds of winning Tiger Luck  1 : 188

Make this your lucky year!


3% Auto-Liquidity

3% tax contributes towards the automatic injection of liquidity, helping to support a stable price.

3% Lottery Rewards 

3% tax accumulated and paid out to winning wallet

4% Marketing / Development

4% tax contribution to further market and establish partnerships. Including metaverse casino / top tier mainstream partnerships.


Phase 1

Website launch
Social media marketing
Marketing Campaign
2500 holders
2500 telegram members
Coingecko listing
Coinmarketcap listing
Trust wallet meta mask logo
5000 holders

Phase 2

Media Marketing
10k holders
10k telegram members

Phase 3

30k telegram members
30k holders
Continous Mass adaption Marketing

Phase 4

100k telegram members
100k holders
ApeBTT Blockchain game release
More Cex exchange listings
Merch Store

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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